Polski Związek Hodowców Bydła Simentalskiego, PZHBS

The Polish Simmental Cattle Breeders Association

The Polish Simmental Cattle Breeders Association was established in 1994 in Sanok in the Podkarpackie province.
It has as its members Simmental cattle breeders and enthusiasts. From its inception until today, the Association has covered mainly the Podkarpackie province, which is the largest region in which Simmental cattle are bred in Poland.
The Association is open to all breeders who own Simmentals and to organizations or individuals involved in the breeding and implementation of the Simmental breeding programme



Polski Związek Hodowców Bydła Simentalskiego z/s w Odrzechowej
Adres: Odrzechowa 1, 38-530 Zarszyn
tel. (013)-467-11-72, fax (013)-435-91-20, e-mail:simentale@simentale.pl